TRUNKLINE Ė 8-290-6300 / 8-290-6400
Reception/Lobby N/A 4001
Reception (2nd Floor) N/A 4026
Office of the Executive Director
Atty. Lloyd Christopher A. Lao UndersecretaryóDBM and OICóPS 8004
Internal Audit Division
Ms. Rosalinda Dapito Division Chief 8029; 8055
Legal Division
Atty. MichelleAnn B. Recto Division Chief 8025
Office of the Operations Group
Engr. Adrian I. Po Jr. Director 8004
Marketing and Sales Division
Ms. Leah Nimfa M. Valdez OICóDivision Chief 8006
Marketing   8010
Sales   8007; 8008; 8009; 8041; 8042
Customer Service   8036
Warehousing and Logistics Division
Ms. Catherine Ann DG. Mirabel OICóDivision Chief 8011
Bodega   8039
Inspection Division
Mr. Jorge L. Mendoza III OICóDivision Chief 8037
Regional Operations Group
Engr. Adrian I. Po Jr. Director 8021
Depot Operations Division
Mr. Dave Y. Valderrama OICóDivision Chief 8012; 8044
Procurement Group
Atty. Warren Rex H. Liong Director 8020
Procurement Division 1    
Ms. Sharon Y. Baile OICóDivision Chief 8030; 8056
Procurement Division 2    
Mr. Dickson Panti OICóDivision Chief 8031; 8057
Procurement Division 3    
Engr. Jaime M. Navarette, Jr. Division Chief 8032; 8058
Procurement Division 4    
Mr. Joseph Conrad D. DueŮas Division Chief 8033; 8059
Procurement Division 5    
Mr. Webster M. LaureŮana OICóDivision Chief 8034; 8060
Procurement Division 6    
Engr. Chamel Fiji C. Melo OICóDivision Chief 8014; 8046
Procurement Division 7    
Mr. Julius M. Santos Division Chief 8015; 8047
Procurement Division 8    
Mr. Abelardo P. Gonzales OICóDivision Chief 8016; 8048
Procurement Division 9    
Mr. Paul Jasper V. De Guzman OICóDivision Chief 8017; 8049
Procurement Division 10    
Atty. Divina Gracia A. Bacal OICóDivision Chief 8018; 8050
Office of the Administrative & Finance Group
Ms. Christine Marie L. Suntay Director 8022
Planning and Budget Division
Mr. Robert Paulo T. Lumbatan Division Chief  
Ms. Maria Gemma D. Villanueva Section Head 8028; 8054
Mr. Arnold James Dupla Section Head 8027
Cashier   8003; 8040
Budget and Quality Management System    
Ms. Cyrine Jerah V. Nambong Section Head  
Comptroller Division    
Mr. Allan Raul M. Catalan Division Chief 8026; 8053
General Administrative Division    
Mr. Mark Anthony G. Huertas OICóDivision Chief 8023; 8051
Motorpool   8038
Human Resource Development Division    
Ms. Abigail Ann O. Alicdan OICóDivision Chief 8024; 8052
Ms. Rosa Maria M. Clemente Director  
IT Services Division    
Ms. Mary Ann PeŮaflor OICóDivision Chief 8045; 8013
PS Resident COA Auditor
COA Resident Auditor 8035; 8061
PS Whistle Blower Line   +639190719400
TRUNKLINE Ė 8-640-6900
Executive Office
Office of the Director
Ms. Rosa Maria M. Clemente Director  
Mr. Felipe Dorado   8-640-6921
Ms. Jackielyn Lucas   8-640-6920
Fax   8-640-6918
Costumer Service   8-640-6900