No. Position Title (Parenthetical Title, if applicable) Plantilla Item No. Salary/ Job/ Pay Grade Monthly Salary Qualification Standards Place of Assignment
Education Training Experience Eligibility Competency         (if applicable)
1 Information Technology Officer II N/A 22 71,511.00 Bachelor's Degree relevant to the job 16 hours relevant 3 years relevant None required N/A IT Research and Planning Division, PhilGEPS Office,
PS-DBM, New Manila, Quezon City 
2 Engineer III (Anticipated Vacancy) N/A 19 51,357.00 Bachelor's Degree relevant to the job 8 hours relevant 2 years relevant Appropriate RA 1080 Bar/Board (for positions involving practice of profession) N/A General Services Division, PS-DBM, Paco, Manila
3 Administrative Aide IV (Driver II) N/A 4 15,586.00 Completion of two years college studies/vocational/
trade course
None required None required Valid Professional Driver's License N/A Office of the Director of Administrative and Finance Group,
PS-DBM, Paco, Manila