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GoP - OMR Guidlines

Guidelines for the use of the Government of the Philippines - Official Merchants Registry (GoP - OMR)

E-bidding Guidelines

Approving and adopting the guidelines for Electronic Bidding (E-Bidding)

Administrative Order No. 17

The directive specifically reiterates the provisions of R.A. 9184 on procurement of common goods from the PS and use of the PhilGEPS in the posting of all agencies’ procurement activities from publication of bid opportunities to posting of awards and contracts

Circular 2011-6

Directing the use of the Procurement Service (PS) and the Philippine Government Electronic Procurement System (PhilGEPS) in the Procurement Activities .

Exemption on Revenue Resolution No. 10-93, Implementing Republic Act No. 7649

Payment to Procurement Service by the Government Office concerned for goods/supplies procured by the latter is NOT subject to creditable VAT withholding.

Exemption on Expanded Modified Direct Payment Scheme for Accounts Payable (A/Ps)

Pending the guidelines on the adoption of ExMDPS on the transaction with Procurement Service, the NGAs shall continue to remit cash advance/deposits to PS using MDS checks

DBM Circular Letter No. 2013-14

To expand the use of the APP- CSE as the Agency Procurement Request for the purpose of agency requirements and reiterate the posting of the APP-CSE in the Transparency Seal as required for the grant of the annual Performance Based Bonus (PBB).

Revenue Regulations 18-2012

Effective September 1, 2013, Procurement Service shall accept only Official Receipts, Sales Invoices, Collection Receipts and Delivery Receipts with BIR authority to print (ATP) and printers accreditation no. pursuant to Revenue Regulation NO. 18-2012.

NOTE: As per RMO 12-2013, PS is not required to secure ATP

Executive Order No. 359

Reiterating the policy and prescribing guidelines and procedures in the implementation of the provisions of executive order no. 285, "Abolishing the General Services Administration and Transferring its Functions to Appropriate Government Agencies" on the operation of a procurement system for common-use office supplies, materials and equipment

Certificate of Available Common-Use Supplies, Equipment and Consumables

Certificate of available Common-Use Supplies, Equipment and Consumables.

COA Letter of Support

Reiteration of COA Memorandum No. 2011-014 dated July 20, 2011, re: Government procurement of supplies through the Procurement Service (PS), Department of Budget and Management (DBM).

Administrative Order No. 14

Consolidating and Rationalizing the Rules on the Acquisition of Government Motor Vehicles, Adopting a Centralized System of Procurement Therefor, and for Other Purposes.

GPPB Resolution No. 08-2019

Authorizing the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) and the Procurement Service (PS) To Issue Specific Procedural Process For The Operationalization of a Centralized Procurement of Motor Vehicles.

GPPB Resolution No. 20-2018 

Approving the Guidelines on the Use of the Virtual Store for the Procurement of Common Use Supplies and Equipment (CSE)

GPPB Resolution No. 03-2020 

Approving the adoption of efficient, effective and expedient procurement procedures during a state of public health emergency

GPPB NPM No. 015-2019

Procurement of Motor Vehicles under Administrative Order (AO) No. 14, series of 2018.

Budget Circular No. 2019-2 

Guidelines to Implement the Centralized Guidelines Implementing Certain Provisions of Administrative Order No. 14, s.2018.

Budget Circular No. 2019-3 

Guidelines to Implement the Centralized Procurement of Government Motor Vehicles pursuant to Administrative Order No. 14, s. 2018.

GPPB Resolution 11-2019 Annex

Annex A – “List of Common-use Supplies and Equipment”

Annex B – “List of Consumables”

Annex C – C1, C2, C3, C4, and C5 – “List of Software and Licenses”

Resolution Approving the 2019 Common Use Supplies and Equipment (CSE) Product Catalogue of the Procurement Service of the Department of Budget and Management 



Annual Procurement Plan Common-use Supplies and Equipment (APP-CSE) 2022 Form

Form used by government agencies to record their annual procurement on common-use office supplies and equipment.

Motor Vehicle Order Confirmation (MVOC)

Agency Procurement Request Form 02

Form used by government agencies for requisitions of Common-Use goods from the PS Depots & Sub-Depots; and for orders of Consumables & Non-Common Use Supplies from the PS Main Office.

Agency Procurement Request Form 03

Form used by government agencies for items on sale.

Sales Return Form

Form used by government agencies for Sales Return

Agency Procurement Request Form for MITHI – Basic Desktop

Form used by government agencies for the requisition of basic desktops under the MITHI program

Agency Procurement Request Form for Lightweight Laptop

Form used by government agencies for the requisition of lightweight laptop

Agency Procurement Request Form for Mid-range Laptop

Form used by government agencies for the requisition of mid-range laptop

Virtual Store Buyer Registration Form

Form used by government agencies for Virtual Store Registration. Kindly send the accomplished forms to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Government Fares Agreement Memorandum of Agreement and Registration (GFA MOA-R)

Government Fares Agreement (GFA) Fund Replenishment Form


Memorandum of Agreement

Non-Common Use Supplies and Equipment

Agreement between the Procurement Service and Government Agencies in the procurement of Non-Common Use Supplies and Equipment.


Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

Government Fares Agreement (GFA)

Guide on How to Fill-out the APP-CSE Form

User Manual: How to Upload the APP-CSE to the Virtual Store 

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