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Microsoft Philippines, together with its fulfillers First Data Corporation (FDC) and Wordtext Systems Inc. (WSI), conducted an event entitled “Productivity 2.0: Making Technology Work for You” on March 15, 2016 at the Manila Hotel, Manila City. PS-PhilGEPS managed the invitation of government agencies that were recipients of funding for information technology resources under the MITHI (Medium-Term Information and Communications Technology Harmonization Initiative) program. MITHI is an e-government initiative of the DBM and DOST-ICTO that aims to harmonize and ensure inter-operability among ICT-related resources, programs and projects across the whole of government. PS-PhilGEPS aggregated the ICT hardware and Microsoft requirements of the government and is currently in the process of procuring the second tranche of PCs and laptops under the MITHI program. In partnership with the PS-PhilGEPS and in support of the MITHI project, Microsoft is offering discounts for the Office 365 Pro Plus (3 years) for only P10,000.00 valid untilMay 24, 2016.


DBM Undersecretary Richard Bon Moya 

DBM Undersecretary Richard Bon Moya formally opened the event and zeroed in on efforts by the administration to enhance productivity in government by enabling and capacitating government employees. He also spoke of the possibility of home-based work by providing employees with mobile devices such as laptops and tablets. Time, he said, is a very important resource and much is wasted in commuting to and from work such that it also results to lesser quality time with the family.

Atty. Jose Tomas C. Syquia, Executive Director IV of the PS-PhilGEPS 

In a mini talk show hosted by Microsoft’s Ms. Joanna Rodriguez with Microsoft Philippines’ Chief Operating Officer Mr. Cian O’Neill, Public Sector Director Mr Ferdie Saputil, and Atty. Jose Tomas C. Syquia, Executive Director IV of the PS-PhilGEPS, the speakers discussed the Ordering Agreement between Microsoft and PS-PhilGEPS and the common desire to modernize and provide value to government through the applications and special pricing that Microsoft offers under the Ordering Agreement. The large workforce of Filipinos who are exposed to the Internet and mobile technologies gives the country a competitive advantage, which if enhanced and supported, can make a big difference for the future of the Philippines. Government employees have the capability to work flexibly and productively in the digital modern work place because they are able to work anywhere at any time and they are empowered with technology that allows collaborative work in real time and in the process achieve more.

After the mini talk show, Ms. Elaine Rodriguez, Chief of Corporate Planning & Development and Assistant Vice President of Marketing at the Center for Leadership and Change, Inc., which is the Philippine partner of Franklin Covey, lectured on the “5 Choices for Extraordinary Productivity”. In essence, the five choices are about prioritizing the important tasks, plan to execute with excellence, have a picture of what success looks like and make this your framework, make technology work for you, and lastly, increase your energy, think clearly and make good decisions.

Breakout sessions to discuss various Microsoft offerings on Office 365, SQL, Azure, CRM, Windows 10, and Enterprise Cloud Suite which covers Windows Software Assurance per User, Office and Enterprise Mobility Suite were held at various function rooms in the venue shortly after lunch break.

The event was attended by more than 130 participants from different government agencies that are under the MITHI program and purchasing through the PS-PhilGEPS Ordering Agreement 

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