PS strives to make procurement of common supplies and equipment (CSE) more efficient. Henceforth, all deliveries to be made by PS, to include direct deliveries of awarded suppliers, will be arranged in advance by the Marketing and Sales Division with the agency’s Property/Supply Officer and a confirmed date of delivery will be identified where the agency’s Property/Supply Officer commits to facilitate the acceptance of deliveries. The said date of delivery will be published in the PS website under the “Agency Relations” menu and “Delivery Schedule” tab.

To facilitate ease in delivering common supplies and equipment (CSE), a “single drop off point” will be observed. Such drop off point is determined to be any of the following:

  1. The ground floor or lobby of the agency’s office building;
  2. The stockroom of the agency which has to be located at the ground floor of the office building of the agency

Henceforth, deliveries will not be brought to floors beyond the ground floor or any other unloading area other than the “drop off point” identified by the procuring entity. Moreover, delivery personnel will not entertain any request to distribute the deliveries to end-user units. The deliveries will have to be checked against the PS Delivery Receipt and acknowledged by the Agency Property/Supply Officer.

Deliveries by PS or its awarded suppliers that are not accepted for reasons attributable to client agencies (i.e. absence of receiving personnel; refusal to accept; no parking space for delivery trucks, etc.) will be returned to the PS - Paco office and will have to be picked up by the client agency within three (3) working days. Otherwise, the unclaimed CSEs will be returned to the PS inventory for reselling to other client agencies. The funds therefore will form part of the unutilized deposit of the agency.

This advisory is being made to further define and clarify the delivery and acceptance procedures in procuring CSEs from the Procurement Service.

Please be guided accordingly.



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