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In ordering Common Supplies and Equipment (CSE) which now includes Covid-19 Response Items, client agencies of the Procurement Service-Main Office are highly encouraged to maximize the use of the Virtual Store (VS) in observance of social distancing during the prevailing Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ).

Due to the declaration of an ECQ in Luzon, the direct delivery by PS option in the VS is currently suspended. VS orders must be claimed or picked-up by the agency from PS Main Office in Paco, Manila within seven (7) working days upon issuance of the Order Number.  Otherwise, the order will be deemed cancelled and the funds deducted from your e-wallet account will be returned. 

Furthermore, client-agencies must make sure that all items they are to pick up will fit in their vehicle. In the instance that some items are inevitably left behind, client-agencies only have three (3) working days to return and pick them up. Otherwise, the same will be deemed cancelled and will be returned to the inventory for sale. Funds deducted from the agencies' e-wallet accounts will be returned. This policy is imposed by PS as warehouse space is being allocated in anticipation of the surge of the incoming COVID-19 response items.

If your agency is already registered in the VS, kindly amend the uploaded Annual Procurement Plan for CSE (APP-CSE) 2020 and indicate the quantities your agency requires for each item. 

For agencies not yet registered in the VS, kindly follow the steps below: 

For Virtual Store Video Tutorials and other How-To Videos, please refer to this link:

Please be assured that the PS continues to be of service to its client-agencies and finds ways to facilitate ease and efficiency in procurement of CSEs.


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